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  1. animated charts in python and Qt

    I’m currently trying to generated interactive (and animated) charts in Python + Qt. The wanted library would be:

    • portable: this is one of the reasons of the choice of PyQt
    • simple: same reason
    • interactive: I want to be able to select, for example, the slices of a pie chart. A signal of events like Qt’s would be perfect
    • animated: this is useless, but looking at things like AnyChart or FusionCharts, the result is really nice !
    • light on dependencies: relying on tons of libs makes the project hard to maintain and not portable, especially for windows where there is not packaging and dependency system.
    • free software

    A quick search gave me the following products:

    • matplotlib: mostly for scientific plots, but there is a nice number of options, a well-documented API.
    • pyQwt: Python bindings for Qwt. Again, it’s more scientific plot than charts
    • cairoplot: projects looks dead (or in the "yeah, the project’s not finished, but we’re recoding it in \$LANG to be faster" syndrome, which is more or less the same). It generates images, though item maps can be extracted. The name tells it, it uses Cairo.
    • pyCha: some nice charts, uses Cairo. Very simple API (not …
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