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  1. Blog migrated

    Date Mon 01 June 2015 Tags Life

    It’s been a long time since the last post, so this is a kind of “I’m alive” post. This blog has been migrated (as well as the entire server) to a static site generator, pelican. The theme is a custom one, inspired from pelican-boostrap. Why a static content generator ? Because browsing is fast, because it’s easy to create a read-only container to host pages, and because thanks to that I can avoid having PHP running. As the migration was both an automatic and manual process, don’t be surprised if things are broken, I will repair everything (don’t hesitate to give feedback).

    In fact, the entire server has been migrated, and it took some time before getting things to work again.

    What will be published ? Same kind as before, random posts on technical stuff, an OCaml-LLVM tutorial, thoughts on TLS, and maybe some sysadmin points one the installation of my servers

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  2. goodbye EdenWall

    Ça fait un certain temps que je n’avais rien posté, alors voici quelques news

    Après un peu plus de 4 ans, j’ai décidé de repartir à l’aventure et de quitter EdenWall. C’est surtout l’occasion de remercier tous les gens que j’ai rencontré, avec qui j’ai pu travailler ou échanger quelques blagues (à leur grand désespoir parfois!).

    Je remercie toute l’équipe, et en particulier Éric, Jérôme et Loïc pour leurs immenses qualités humaines et professionnelles, ces années ont été autant de fun que de travail intéressant :)

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  3. Site migrated

    Date Mon 15 November 2010 Tags Life

    As you’ve probably already seen, this blog and the entire site have been migrated to another hosting.

    Changes include :

    • Upgrade from etch to squeeze (PHP4 to PHP5 + suhosin, grub to grub2 etc.)
    • Most services are now using PostgreSQL instead of MySQL
    • Server is installed with SELinux in enforcing mode (why ? because it’s fun !)
    • IPv6 (and fun with iptables)
    • OpenLDAP + Kerberos
    • This blog had been migrated from dotclear 1 to DC2 (with some fun to keep old URLs working)
    • Trac migrated to Redmine: this will allow adding some projects
    • Git repositories
    • All cleartext URLs are redirected to SSL
    • Other (non-public) services, like postfix + greylisting, cyrus etc.

    There are still some things to do, like installing real SSL certificates, but globally it has been pretty easy (and this is one reason I like Debian ). I’ve kept notes from the entire migration, so if someone’s interested I can share some parts.

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  4. First post

    Date Mon 04 February 2008 Tags Life Work

    This is the first post on my blog …

    It will talk about my current job, working for INL, the company editing the authenticating firewall called NuFW; my hobbies (mainly related to security): Prelude, PostgreSQL, Netfilter, Linux, and other things…

    In other words, maybe it will be interesting …

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