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As you’ve probably already seen, this blog and the entire site have been migrated to another hosting.

Changes include :

  • Upgrade from etch to squeeze (PHP4 to PHP5 + suhosin, grub to grub2 etc.)
  • Most services are now using PostgreSQL instead of MySQL
  • Server is installed with SELinux in enforcing mode (why ? because it’s fun !)
  • IPv6 (and fun with iptables)
  • OpenLDAP + Kerberos
  • This blog had been migrated from dotclear 1 to DC2 (with some fun to keep old URLs working)
  • Trac migrated to Redmine: this will allow adding some projects
  • Git repositories
  • All cleartext URLs are redirected to SSL
  • Other (non-public) services, like postfix + greylisting, cyrus etc.

There are still some things to do, like installing real SSL certificates, but globally it has been pretty easy (and this is one reason I like Debian ). I’ve kept notes from the entire migration, so if someone’s interested I can share some parts.