These talks are probably online since a while, but as most of them are really interesting, have a look at CanSecWest 2008 conference materials:

Globally, there were many talks on fuzzers, some interesting work on cold boot attacks, a confirmation that anti-virus are also vulnerable, and a very nice presentation from the CCC guys on how to “dissassemble” an RFID chip :) I also liked the last presentation, which was not really about security stuff, but more about how a software could help determining the character and the pathologies of a guy, from his writings. Scary !

One bad point, though: commercial presentations with no real contents. VMWare folks, for ex., coming to say “hey, we have the best security API, we can monitor stuff from the VMX server” etc., that’s cool. But when someone asks to see the code, or how to use the API, the answer was “well, eeeh. We can’t show you, but it’s cool, believe us”.

Congrats, and thanks, to Dragos for keeping this conference high-quality over years.