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The next major releaser of FreeBSD, 7.0 will be released soon. There are many nice improvements:

  • TCP socket buffers auto-sizing
  • SCTP (Stream Control Transmission Protocol)
  • Link aggregation / trunking
  • New scheduler: ULE 2.0 / 3.0
  • Most GIANT lock uses have been removed (increasing SMP/multi-thread efficiency)
  • ZFS support
  • Security event auditing
  • New privilege separation capabilities
  • SATA support
  • pf firewall updated to 4.1
  • Upgrade to gcc 4.2


The installation of 7.0rc2 in VirtualBox went smooth, except the network part. The installer itself has not changed, so I won’t give details …

For the network, there is a bug (not sure whether it’s virtualbox or freebsd7, the bug was reported here) causing the network not to work. The solution is to force the media type:

ifconfig pcn0 media 10baseT/UTP

For automatic configuration of the if at startup, edit /etc/rc.conf:

ifconfig_pcn0="inet netmask media 10baseT/UTP"

(to be continued)