S├ębastien and I gave a presentation on IDS Correlation: A Weapon of Mass Investigation slides at CanSecWest.

Most of the presentations were very interesting, including attacks against the anti-virus software (they are the most interesting targets, imho : run with system privileges, include parser for many protocols, are present on almost all machines, etc.), secure programming with gcc and glibc, snort 3 (our presentation was just after Marty’s), fuzzing with Peach, and some others I do not remember at the moment.

We also gave two lightning talks, one on the Authenticating Firewall NuFW (slides here) and one on the Signatures.NU project (slides here).


We even won a beer for doing the presentation :)

After so much work (and eating so much sushis with a delicious wild salmon), we went to Whistler for skiing, that was great.


Many thanks to all the people from the conference and to all who helped us !

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